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We offer custom haircuts for men, women, non binary and gender non specific individuals. Certain stylists have a “gender neutral” pricing structure so that the price of your haircut is based on the amount of time, length and density of hair and complexity of the style and not listed as “women’s” or “men’s” haircut. All haircuts include a custom shampoo and style/blow dry.

•If you would like extra styling with a curling or flat iron, an additional charge may apply.

•Some service providers offer haircuts for children under 12. Please call the salon to book for your child.

•Bang or Neck Trim- We offer complimentary bang or neck trims to existing clients to help maintain their style between haircuts.

Shampoo/Blow Dry

  • w/Flat Iron or Curling Iron 
  • Blow Dry/Press for textured hair

Starting at $45

  • Starting at $65
  • Starting at $65

Color Services


Single Process

  • Sometimes referred to as a color touch up, this service is an all over color on the roots up to two inches of new growth and typically for gray coverage.
  •  Price may vary depending on the length of hair/amount of color needed.

Starting at $85

Partial Highlight

  • This is a traditional foil highlight that usually covers the front hairline extending to the crown of  the head and sometimes the nape hairline as well. 
  • This is for maintaining blonde or blending gray.

Starting at $125

Full Highlight

  • This is a traditional foil highlight that covers the entire head

Starting at $150

Single Process Color with Highlights

  • Sometimes called a double process color, this is an all over color retouch with dimensional highlights or lowlights added.

Starting at $165


  • Balayage is a technique in which highlights are hand painted for a more natural, blended look.

Starting at $175

Fashion Colors

  • This is for someone looking to add or maintain bright/bold colors such as purple, green, blue, etc.
  • This is a service that requires a consultation in order to assess the hair and determine the amount of time needed

Price upon consultation


Bleach and Tone

  • This is a service for maintaining  platinum blonde.
  • It includes touching up regrowth up to 1 inch.
  •  If hair is grown out more than several inches, a consultation may be required and considered a color correction. If you are considering going platinum from another color, a consultation is required. 

Starting at $125



  • This is a special occasion style that includes pinning up part or all of the hair. Pricing is based on the complexity of the style and length and density of the hair.

Starting at $85




Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

  • This is a unique glycolic acid smoothing treatment that achieves frizz elimination and some curl reduction without the use of formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. With an acidic pH roughly the same as lemon juice, this service is so safe and gentle it can be performed without gloves. It is also completely “user friendly” as it can be washed and/or pulled up the next day. Pricing for this service depends on length and density of hair.

Price upon consultation


Permanent Wave

  • This is a traditional service to add curl or body to the hair

Price upon consultation